Exercise for Happiness

Boost Your Happiness Quotient With Exercise

March 20th is the UN International Day of Happiness. It recognises the relevance of happiness and well-being as fundamental human goals. It is important that you find your own happiness and then spread it further. One quickest way to be happy is exercising. Don’t worry, no one is asking you to hit the gym and […]


Stylish Wedding Venue in Patna

Looking for a cool, new venue in Patna for hosting wedding parties or events? Check out 53 Open Court, located in New Patliputra Colony. Our friend opened up this new wedding venue in Patna that can also be booked for birthday parties, anniversaries, open mics and corporate events.   The venue also has a cafe […]


Tibet Om Cafe in Bodh Gaya

For me, food has always been the best part about travelling. Of course the sight-seeing matters, but for me food always trumps all aspects of traveling. So this time when I went to Bodh Gaya, a popular tourist destination in Bihar, I thought of trying a cuisine that I had never tried before and it […]

World Music Day

World Music Day – Music is Life!

What is World Music Day? Today is World Music Day. If you are wondering that is this a new fad that people are following these days, then you are wrong. Celebration of World Music Day, also known as Fete de la Musique (French for Music Festival) began in 1982 in France. This day is celebrated to bring […]


Why we stereotype?

According to Psychology, stereotype is a generalised belief about a particular group of people. It is a technique used by our brain to reduce the amount of thinking that is required when we meet a new person. Psychology of Stereotyping As a child, we start learning by characterising things into different schema. A child begins […]


Sleeping Doesn’t Mean that You Are Lazy!!!

Well, a lot of time people equate a person who sleeps a lot with them being lazy. We all have heard the statement from our family members – Saara din soti rehti hai.    I also used to believe that I sleep a lot until I got a sleep monitor band. When I started wearing it, […]


Nichidatsu Fujii and His Peace Pagodas

Do you also feel that when a movie becomes a hit, majority of people only talk about the actors? Not many are interested in knowing who wrote the script, who shot it or who designed the sets. So in this blog, I won’t be talking about how amazing the peace pagodas are. Instead, I have […]


Ever heard of Patna Mahila Charkha Samiti?

Bihar has several hidden gems that will constantly surprise you and one such place is the Patna Mahila charkha Samiti. Located in the bylanes of Kadam Kuan, this is the first women’s institution to have come up in Bihar. It was established in 1940 by Prabhavati Devi, a famous freedom fighter and social worker from […]


Why do men get the Bill???

We talk so much about gender equality. We want to believe that we have changed a lot and gender equality does exist in our society. But, some of my past experiences have made me realise that gender inequality is so deeply rooted in this society, that it still needs a lot of extra effort to […]

Nari Gunjan Sargam Band Bihar

Nari Gunjan Band- First all-female Band of Bihar

“When women in the cities can fly planes, why can’t we play drums and earn a living?”  If you’d ask me names of women from Bihar who can be termed as role models and successful. Then I’ll take names of these ten incredible women from the Nari Gunjan Sargam Mahila Band.  Under the guidance of […]