Why do men get the Bill???


We talk so much about gender equality. We want to believe that we have changed a lot and gender equality does exist in our society. But, some of my past experiences have made me realise that gender inequality is so deeply rooted in this society, that it still needs a lot of extra effort to spread this awareness on our part.

Well, if you are wondering why am I ranting so much and what is the reason this outburst of mine? Then, the answer is my recent experiences in a restaurant when I went to eat with a male company.

What happened? Well, I have two questions for all for you.

Why do men always get the bill at restaurants?

Why the waiter does not even consider giving a female the bill? 

The story goes like this; Recently, I went for lunch with a guy friend of mine. We asked for the bill and then the guy friend of mine stepped out for a while. The waiter actually waited for my friend to come back before he brought the bill. I was so irritated by this, that I took the bill and paid the whole amount myself, just to show the waiter, that girls can also pay the bill. At least do consider bringing it to us!

Now, let’s change the scenario a bit. 2 girls and 1 guy out of dinner, who will get the bill?

The guy of course!

3 girls and 1 guy out for lunch, who will get the bill?

Yes, you are right, the guy will get it.

No matter what permutation and combination you try, it will always be the guy who will get the bill.

If there are two guys, then what does the waiter do?

Well, then the guy who looks more “masculine” will get it. These gender inequality and pre-defined gender roles that we have in our society currently are so wrong.

We need to change these social norms because they are not normal anymore. The society needs to think in terms of gender equality.

Previously, even I did not use to think about it. But, now when I do try to promote gender equality in every sense that I can. This thought has been troubling me a lot.

We need to think about each act that we perform or encounter that we have, and try to see it through a gender lens to evaluate if it is right or wrong? We strongly want you to act on promoting gender equality in every sphere of your life. And, it will start with your house.

The blog was originally published at Patna Diaries’ blog – Why do Men get the bill?.

2 thoughts on “Why do men get the Bill???”

  1. Of almost all the things, this perception is deeply ingrained in everybody’s subconscious. There’s so much to read on gender inequality, we do workshops, i have attended workshops before but on the practical aspect there’s so much efforts to be taken. I really liked the real life experiences you have shared, and stood up to it.

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